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Well this weekend has been interesting. On Saturday I got my dad to take me to Walmart and afterwards we always end up going back to his place for lunch. My poor little brother, Tray, had jumped off of a swing a few days ago and landed on a garden rake, you know they type people always step on in cartoons and the handle flies up and hits them in the face. Unfortunately that’s not what happened to Tray, he ended up with a nasty gash behind one big toe and the middle of his other foot impaled on the rake. Once I heard that I threw together a few things for him, some Bigfoot movies had planned to save for Christmas and the first two seasons of Transformers Prime since I’ve now gotten the store bought DVDs and we watched Harry and the Hendersons together while I was there. And then I got out Crosshairs who I had gotten while I was at Walmart. Well Tray said he’d seen the other movies and hadn’t gotten to see the fourth and I was already planning on going to see it again (I did some nasty dirty dishes for my sister in exchange for her paying for a 3D ticket so I could see it a 4th time) so we asked dad and he agreed to drop us off and pick us up and after the movie Tray said he wants Transformers for his birthday and Christmas.

Today started out boring and unpleasant, every weekend there’s a train that comes to this little village of old cabins near the college and the guy who runs the Nature Center and Dawn take snakes down for people to see and hold. Sometimes other people will volunteer to help, but the later in the summer it gets the less volunteers there are and at this point its just the two of them and today Dawn got to go to a reptile show in Cincinnati and I got stuck going to help out because there’s no way one person could do it alone. It counts towards the 36 hours of working with the animals that you need for animal handling class, but I already have enough hours and I took animal handling because I couldn‘t handle being in front of people for speech class. Pretty much we set up at noon, the train comes at 1 and then you sit around and wait for the train to come again at 4, it makes for a very long day when it’s hot out and I really don’t like dealing with people. Then around 2 it started storming, I was on the porch of this little log general store, the only building that wasn’t unlocked so  I was stuck on the porch with a leaky roof, but the rain was coming down so hard I would have ended up wetter trying to get to one of the other buildings than if stayed where I was. Then the tornado siren went off, I never saw anything and haven’t heard there was actually a tornado, but it was a little unnerving being stuck outside and no where near anywhere with a basement.

The rain cleared up and the sun came out again a little while before the second train and I was dreading dealing with another crowd of people. Then the coolest thing happened, I had worn one of my Transformers shirts and this girl, probably in her late teens walks up wearing a Decepticon necklace and Transformers bracelets and we started talking about Transformers and it was just so strange and cool to be able to talk to someone face to face and have them know what I was talking about. Other than my 13 year old cousin who I introduced to Transformers I’ve never had anyone to talk to about it, so the second train actually turned out to be fun, and luckily there weren’t as many people as usual so I wasn’t constantly being asked questions about the snakes, although one of the snakes did keep trying to get away while I was distracted.
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United States
Current Residence: Ohio
Shell of choice: Raphael’s
Skin of choice: Robotic, preferably Kagerou’s
Favourite cartoon character: Zoc, Megamind, TFA Prowl, Starscream, G1 Hot Rod, Raphael, VolFogg, Deckerd, Kagerou, Melan
Personal Quote: Ooh look more hot robots!


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I know I should have asked BEFORE I got postage but I figure your still in your apartment right? ^^;
Dragon-Star-Empress Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
Postage? Your sending something?  Yes the address is the same. If I were to move you’d be one of the first people to know about it. I have no plans of moving until after I graduate, I love my apartment and would be perfectly content to stay here until I can afford to buy my own place.
PerceptorsFembot Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
yeah; this past saturday was the big 'geekery convention' held local. Its like my Christmas in July. And like Christmas, all my friends get presents! 8D

So you should get a package just as soon as I can find a box big enough to hold everything. ;)
Dragon-Star-Empress Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014
:omg::excited::squee::happybounce:GARGOYLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:squee:GARGOYLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:squee:GARGOYLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:squee::glomp:THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!:glomp::excited::squee::woohoo::happybounce::love::dance::boogie: :squee:

Oh my gosh, I haven’t been able to find Gargoyles anywhere other than eBay for years and these guys even have their wings and tails!! I think I have like two Gargoyles that have their wings and tails, Demona and Power wing Goliath and him I got his wings a couple years before I actually got the Goliath they went with. Oh my gosh, YAY!:excited::squee: :happybounce:I’ve literally been bouncing around sqeeing since I opened the package about 20 minutes ago, still squeeing and the only reason the bouncing has toned down is because the computer is in my lap, my neighbor is probably wondering what the heck is going on over here. :excited::squee::woohoo::happybounce::love::dance::boogie: :squee::happybounce:

The Turtles are awesome, the necklace is gorgeous, the scorpion is cool and will go nicely with all the shiny stuff in my living room, I love it all, but OH MY GOSH GARGOYLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:glomp: ::squee: :happybounce:Okay I may be over spazing about this a little because I just stayed up all night and just finished off a 2 litter bottle of Pepsi so I’m totally caffeinated, but only a little, I mean really there is nothing more exciting to get than Gargoyles stuff, Brave Police would come in as equally exciting, but I can’t think of anything that would be more exciting to get. Thank you so much for everything!!  GARGOYLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:glomp::excited::squee::woohoo::happybounce::love::dance::boogie: :squee::happybounce::squee:
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What can I do ya' for? :)
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