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Classes have started up again, I got the pancakes, chicken noodles, cookies and burritos done so I won’t have to worry about taking time to cook for a long while. I finished new pillows for my living room, pictures coming soon. Almost finished my coat and two skirts, just have to get my sister pin up the hems. I got a lot of cleaning done, but never fully finished any one room. The one thing I did succeed at nicely was watching a slag load of Transformers, the only good thing about having a TV that is barely bigger than your laptop screen is you can just drag it to the kitchen and run Transformers while you’re cooking mass amounts of food. I got through Armada, Cybertron, Animated, the G1 movie and all the live action movies and started watching the first season of G1. I’ve got a ton of pictures of the guys to be turned into photo comics, hopefully before homework becomes too overwhelming.

I got see my mom on Thursday a week ago, I totally broke down and cried. When I saw her in May she was alert, able to talk and use her hands, now she can’t even remember being moved out of the nursing home up north or getting the trech tube put in, luckily her long term memory still seems to be intact. Her whole body is so swollen she can’t use her hands to write or anything and with the trech tube in it’s almost impossible to understand what she trying to say. I decided to get her a small magnetic board and some of the magnetic letters like kids play with on the refrigerator so she can communicate with us better, I started crying when they arrived on Monday. On Saturday mom was taken back to Columbus because of internal bleeding and Sunday my sisters and I had to get together to discus whether to have the doctors try to bring her back if she stopped breathing or her heart stopped. I’m not happy with any of the options. My sister said there were three options, 1. Do not resuscitate, 2. If she stops breathing then they do everything they can, but if her heart stops they don’t do anything, and 3. They do everything possible to bring her back.
I want them to at least try to get her heart going again if it stops, but not go to the point that all that’s keeping her alive are machines. Both of my sisters wanted to go with option 2 and just let her go if her heart stops so I was out numbered, so if mom’s heart stops that’s it, she’s gone. To say the least I was upset and depressed by the time I got home. I probably shouldn’t have spent the money, but I bought myself two comfort items, a new set of speakers, all I’ve ever had were little second hand computer speakers that distort the music if you get it very loud, the new ones are a 3 piece set with a great bass on them, at full volume they don’t distort the music and get loud enough to vibrate the floors as long as there’s no one home next door, loud music has always helped me deal with stress and depression.  The second thing, an Optimus Prime comforter and that’s exactly what he’s going to do, wrap around me and comfort me. What I wouldn’t pay for a decent looking, human sized plushie of him.

As if I wasn’t dealing with enough stress already my Cultural Anthropology class that was the only class I was really looking forward to this semester was supposed to be taught by one of the archaeologists who taught my classes over spring. I got along really well with both of them, they made feel like I had finally found my niche, so many of the things that I do that seem odd compared to other people were just normal for an archaeologist. I’d really been looking forward to being in one of their classes again. Instead I get to class and some guy is teaching it who annoys me to no end, he seems to assume none of the students have any life experience and have been pampered all their lives  and don’t know anything about the real world or hardships. He flat out said ‘this class is going to probably be boring to you all, it’s not like any of you are going to be anthropologists’. Archaeology is a sub-discipline of anthropology. And then through out the whole lecture he keeps saying “do you think I’m making this up” seriously I lost count the first day and today he said it at least 5 or 6 times and the class is only an hour and fifteen minutes long. Then on the first day he was saying something about cell phones and asked if there was anyone in the class who didn’t own a smart phone, I was the only one to raise my hand and he called me a freak. He called me a freak again today when I said I didn’t like dogs, he seemed more understanding when I mentioned I’d been attacked by one. I swear next time he calls me a freak I’m going to say ‘thank you’ or if I’m really annoyed, “and fraggin proud of it”. Think he’d call me a freak again if he knew the closest I come to swearing is what I pick up from cartoons?  If I start using real swear words it means I’m either on the verge of screaming and getting really nasty or beating someone up.

My other classes are okay so far, not great, not bad, just average get through it so you can move on classes, GPS and GIS, Sociology which the first class is this evening and Mapping and surveying that starts tomorrow. I’m dreading tomorrow, I’ll have class from 8am to 5pm with only a half hour break between classes.
  • Mood: Questionable
  • Listening to: Transformers Soundtracks
  • Reading: Transformers More Than Meets the Eye comics
  • Watching: Transformers G1
  • Drinking: Pepsi


United States
Current Residence: Ohio
Shell of choice: Raphael’s
Skin of choice: Robotic, preferably Kagerou’s
Favourite cartoon character: Zoc, Megamind, TFA Prowl, Starscream, G1 Hot Rod, Raphael, VolFogg, Deckerd, Kagerou, Melan
Personal Quote: Ooh look more hot robots!


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Postage? Your sending something?  Yes the address is the same. If I were to move you’d be one of the first people to know about it. I have no plans of moving until after I graduate, I love my apartment and would be perfectly content to stay here until I can afford to buy my own place.
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Oh my gosh, I haven’t been able to find Gargoyles anywhere other than eBay for years and these guys even have their wings and tails!! I think I have like two Gargoyles that have their wings and tails, Demona and Power wing Goliath and him I got his wings a couple years before I actually got the Goliath they went with. Oh my gosh, YAY!:excited::squee: :happybounce:I’ve literally been bouncing around sqeeing since I opened the package about 20 minutes ago, still squeeing and the only reason the bouncing has toned down is because the computer is in my lap, my neighbor is probably wondering what the heck is going on over here. :excited::squee::woohoo::happybounce::love::dance::boogie: :squee::happybounce:

The Turtles are awesome, the necklace is gorgeous, the scorpion is cool and will go nicely with all the shiny stuff in my living room, I love it all, but OH MY GOSH GARGOYLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:glomp: ::squee: :happybounce:Okay I may be over spazing about this a little because I just stayed up all night and just finished off a 2 litter bottle of Pepsi so I’m totally caffeinated, but only a little, I mean really there is nothing more exciting to get than Gargoyles stuff, Brave Police would come in as equally exciting, but I can’t think of anything that would be more exciting to get. Thank you so much for everything!!  GARGOYLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:glomp::excited::squee::woohoo::happybounce::love::dance::boogie: :squee::happybounce::squee:
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