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Mom passed away at 6:49 Friday morning. After being stuck in the same room with my sisters and Sarah’s boyfriend and only sleeping a few hours a night at best we were all grouchy and I felt like I was going to explode. I tried going out for walks around the Hospice house on their wooded paths, but the constant traffic just made the tension worse, so on Thursday afternoon I took a bus home, planning on returning the next day when our pastor was going up to visit. There hadn’t been any major changes with mom since they removed her from the ventilator and feeding tube the previous Friday and the doctor said she could hold on another week. I honestly think that her passing when I wasn’t there was God doing what was best for me, not only did I get back to the peace and quite of the woods and relieve all the built up tension, I was on the phone with the girls when mom was dieing and they said it was like watching our cats that had died, the spasms and gasping for breath, I don’t think I could have handled seeing mom like that so it was probably best I wasn’t there. I had said my goodbyes and told her it was alright if she went while I was gone, the only guilt I feel about not being there is that I wasn’t there to comfort my sisters. Mom was completely out of it the whole time we were there, her eyes fluttered open for a second a couple of times, but otherwise she showed no signs of being aware of anything or anyone who was around. Yesterday I was holding it together really well, focusing on the fact that she’s not suffering anymore, has been reunited with her grandparents and other family and that this parting is only temporary, we’ll see her again eventually. Then I tried to go to sleep last night, ended up falling apart crying and stayed up until after midnight until I was finally too tired to keep my eyes open any longer and was able to fall asleep before my mind had time to wander.  My body automatically wakes up around 8am so after being up for a while this morning I was still feeling exhausted and tried to take a nap and ended up falling apart again.

Okay, something less depressing, I’ve got the first chapter of my Lockdown story written and I think proofreading and getting it posted would be a good distraction. Before I can do that I need to come up with names for the steeljaws, any suggestions? I’ve got four of them, two males, two females that need names. Is it insane that I’m afraid of dogs, but like the steeljaws, as soon as I saw the steeljaw toys were available I squealed PUPPIES!!!! and ordered four of them and plan on designing a crocheted plush of them.
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Five Nights At Freddys Plushies Commission by Dragon-Star-Empress
Five Nights At Freddys Plushies Commission

Commission for :iconperceptorsfembot:

Foxy and Spring Trap are 9 inches from ear to toe and Golden Freddy is 7 inches from hat to foot.

If you’re interested in getting any of these they’re $35 each plus shipping. The smaller black patches on Spring Trap will vary in placement as there’s not actually a pattern for him, I just added those at random to a pattern for Bonnie. I also have patterns for Freddy and Chica with similar basic body shape to Foxy and Spring Trap. Each one takes 15 to 20 hours to make, so as long as I don’t have a lot of homework I can finish one or two of them in a week.


If you have something else you’d like crocheted just send me a link to the pattern image and I can tell you how much it would cost to make. I also created patterns from scratch, that’s more expensive as it’s extremely time consuming.

Nightmares by Dragon-Star-Empress

I can’t help it, the random bot bits I have laying around just make it so easy to terrorize the bots and little J-Decker has become my favorite victim. Other than Hot Rod’s leg all the pieces are from the other Brave Police

“What on earth happened here?” Christy demanded as she walked into the museum.

“We’re not sure,” one of the museum workers replied, “The fire alarm was triggered and everyone left, this all happened while there supposedly wasn’t anyone in the building.”

“What about the security cameras, did they catch anything?”

“We don’t know, the director was going to check them himself, some guys in suits came in a couple hours after all this happened and the security footage disappeared and the director just says not to worry about it. Maybe you‘ll have better luck getting information out of him.”

“You can count on it,” Christy said before stalking towards the director’s office.


“Miss. Orr, how was the symposium?” Arthur, the museum’s director asked as she walked into his office.

“Apparently not as exciting as things were here, what happened?” she asked looking expectantly at him.

“I don’t know exactly, no one was in the building when it happened, but we’re all set with repairs and everything should be back to normal in no time. Weren‘t you supposed to be taking today off after that long trip to the symposium?” he asked.

Christy crossed her arms and continued to stare at him, “Okay, and now the truth, because I am not leaving this office until you tell me who tore up my museum.”

Arthur opened and closed his mouth then sighed, “Alright, fine, I honestly don’t know exactly what was going on in here, but within a couple hours a bunch of government people showed up, confiscated the security cameras and said if we keep quite they’ll pay for all the museum repairs as well as paying off anyone who saw anything to keep quite. And it‘s not your museum until I retire.”

“And you agreed to it?” Christy asked in disbelief.

“The museum could hardly pay for repairs for this level of damage and going through the insurance would have been a nightmare since we don’t know exactly what caused the damage.”

“Fine, I’ll keep it quite too, but I want to know what you found on the security footage,” Christy told him.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” Arthur said.

“Tell me anyways.”

“I only got through a little of the footage before it was confiscated, but it looked like giant robots, possibly being assisted by two people, a man and probably a boy,” he told her.

“Do we know who the people were?” Christy asked.

“No clue, the names they gave to the tour guides were fake.”

“Who were the tour guides?”

“Stout and Richards,” he replied.

“Alright then, I’ll see you later,” Christy said as she turned to leave the office.

“What are you going to do?” Arthur asked.

“I promised not to tell anyone about what’s been going on here, I never said I wasn’t going to find out what’s going on for myself,” Christy said, leaving before he could stop her.


“Tell me about these two people you were giving a tour to, on the day the museum got torn apart,” Christy said as she walked up to the tour guide’s desk.

“He said he was an archaeologist who had discovered an idol and he was thinking about donating it to the museum and wanted a tour. We lost them at some point and then the fire alarms went off,” Mrs. Stout told her.

“What were their names? What did they look like?” Christy asked.

“The archaeologist said his name was Nevada Fleeber and his partner just said his name was McPlank and was short, looked more like a kid than a-”

“McPlank? Are you sure the kid said McPlank?” Christy asked.

“Yeah, why?” Mr. Richards asked.

“I think I know who he was. If Art asks where I am, just tell him I decided to go ahead and take the day off like I had originally planned,” she said before leaving the museum.


A while later Christy headed out of town, if she was right, she knew exactly who McPlank was, she had given him the name herself.

It had been several years earlier when she was giving tours of the museum to a class of first graders, one of them in particular was completely ignoring the tour, too busy playing with a hand held gaming devise.  When the other kids were playing in one of the interactive areas she asked him if he was having fun.

“Oh yeah, lots of fun, I’m bored stiff as a plank of wood,” had been his reply.

“Well McPlank, how would you like to hear a story?” she had proceeded to tell him and the other students some of the more exciting and adventurous stories of the discoveries of some of the artifacts. By the time she had finished the boy and several other kids were talking about how they were going to be adventurers and archaeologist when they grew up. The next year McPlank the international adventurer as he was calling himself then, was back practically leading his Boy Scout group on an adventure around the museum. He had mentioned that his father ran a scrap yard outside of town and she had stopped to check it out a couple of times, it was more of an outdoor antique mall than a normal scrap yard. She had never stopped by after being at work though. At work she was always very professional, dress suit, her long light brown hair pulled into a bun, a light touch of makeup and, according to most of the people who worked under her, very intimidating. She pulled off the serious professional act so well that most people who didn’t know her well didn’t even recognize out of her work attire.

Christy pulled into the scrap yard and didn’t see anyone, but when she got out of her car she could hear several voices nearby and headed towards them. Before she could get very far Denny and Russell came running around one of the rows of stuff and seemed to deliberately place themselves so they were blocking where they had just come from.

“Hi, I’m Denny, welcome to the vintage scrap depot, can I help you find something?” Denny asked.

“I’m sure you can, I’m looking for some big robots,” Christy told him as she walked around, looking at some of the stuff on the shelves and working her way closer to where they had come from.

“Uh, well I’ve got some toy robots, they’re about two feet tall, pretty good sized,” Denny told her.

“I was thinking something a little bigger. Maybe I’ll just browse around a bit,” she said continuing to move towards where she had heard the voices.

“Okay, the really good stuff is over this way, if you’ll just follow me,” Denny said starting to walk in the opposite direction.

Christy just continued the way she was going, “I think I want to see what’s over here,” she said before walking a little quicker so she could get around the row of stuff before Denny could stop her.

“No don’t!” Denny and Russell both exclaimed.

“Why not?” Christy asked as she rounded the row then froze, “Is that why? Are the cars stolen? They look way too modern for this place.”

“Of course not, they were traded for some antiques. There just wouldn’t be anything like what you were looking for over here,” Denny explained.

Christy walked over to look at the cars for a moment, “What antiques did you have that could have been of similar value to these cars?” Christy asked suspiciously, “Did you steal something from the museum?”

“What?! No, of course not, why would you even think that?” Denny asked uncomfortably.

“Because that’s the only reason I can think of for the two of you to go into the museum and lie about being archaeologists. If you weren’t there to steal anything what were you doing, McPlank?” she asked turning her attention to Russell.

“How did you know that name?” Denny asked.

“Oh man, you’re the lady from the museum, aren’t you?” Russell asked.

“Yep, and I want to know what was going on,” Christy told him.

“Wait you know her?” Denny asked.

“Yeah, I’ll explain later, after we convince her not to have us arrested,” Russell replied before turning his attention back to Christy, “We were going to the museum and my dad thinks he’s some kind of great actor, so I made him a bet that he couldn’t pull off an act good enough to convince the people at the museum that he was an archaeologist, if I won I’d get this game system I’ve been wanting. That’s all it was, we didn’t steal anything, it was just a game,” Russell insisted.

“Okay and where were you when the fire alarm went off, did you see anything? Any robots?” Christy asked.

“No, we left with everyone else, we didn’t see anything,” Denny told her.

“Alight, just don’t ever try anything like that at my museum again,” Christy told them.

“Yes ma’am,” Denny and Russell replied.

“Good,” Christy said then headed back to her car, she didn’t really believe them, she was sure they were hiding something, she just wasn’t sure what, for now she’d just have to see what else she could find out.


The next several weeks were uneventful as Christy continued to try to find out what had happened at the museum. Most people claimed they hadn’t seen anything, a few admitted that they had seen something, but couldn’t say what. Christy had just about given up when a family walked into the museum and asked when the robot exhibit was going to open. When Christy had asked what robot exhibit they were talking about one of them pulled out a cell phone and showed her video of a yellow and black robot with Denny and Russell in front of the museum. Christy got them to send her a copy of the video and told them she hadn’t heard anything about it, but would look into it.

That Saturday she headed back to the scrap yard, equipped with the video there was no way she was leaving until she got some answers.


Yet another briefing had been interrupted by Strongarm and Sideswipe’s bickering, so Bumblebee had turned his attention to going over their supplies with Fix-It.

“What are those doing here?” Bumblebee asked pointing to a few of Quillfires quills that were sitting out on a table.

“I was just going to take some more samples to try to see if there’s any way to make an antidote in case we would need it,” Fix-It explained, “It would be good to have one on hand, especially if you get hit again, the way you acted-”

“I know, I was insane, between each of you telling me different things I did, I think I get the picture. It would probably be safer to keep those locked away when you’re not working with them, we don’t need anyone getting stuck by one of them,” Bumblebee told him.

“Oh you don’t have to worry-”

Fix-It was cut off as Sideswipe tore past in vehicle mode with Strongarm running after him, firing her gun at him.

“What do you think you’re doing shooting at him?” Bumblebee called after her.

“It’s only set to stun, sir,” Strongarm called back as she continued to chase him.

“I need vacation,” Bumblebee mumbled before turning his attention back to Fix-It, “Now where were we?” he asked, then heard a crash behind him, before he could even turn around he was knocked to the ground as a large shelf of stuff landed on him.

“I am so sorry sir,” Strongarm said as she started helping unbury Bumblebee, “Sideswipe was-”

“Don’t blame me for this, it never would have happened if you hadn’t been shooting at me,” Sideswipe cut in.

“I wouldn’t have been shooting at you if you weren’t such a glitch head,” Strongarm countered.

And that quickly Bumblebee was left to get himself out of the pile of stuff while Strongarm and Sideswipe resumed their fight, “I really need a vacation,” Bumblebee said to himself as he struggled out from under the pile of stuff. As he stood up he tripped and fell, landing on the table where the quills were and let out a pained cry.

“Are you alight?” Fix-It asked.

Bumblebee staggered to his feet and stood there looking dazed for a second.

“Oh no, not again,” Strongarm said noticing a quill sticking out from under the armor on Bee’s arm.

Bumblebee pulled the quill out before collapsing to the ground unconscious.

“Get something to tie him up with before he comes to,” Strongarm told Sideswipe.

“Who put you in charge again?” Sideswipe demanded.

“Do you want to spend the rest of the day dealing with him after he wakes up?” Strongarm asked.

“Okay, good point,” Sideswipe relented, leaving to find something.

“Better idea,” Strongarm said turning her attention to Fix-It, “Could we just throw him in a stasis pod until the stuff wears off?”

“That would likely stop the toxin from wearing off,” Fix-It told her.

“Uh, Strongarm, where’s Bee?” Sideswipe asked returning with a pile of chains.
Rev, Rock and Rumble Ch. 1

Yeah, just what I need, to start another story, but it just wouldn’t leave me alone until I started writing it. Plus today is the anniversary of the day I posted the first chapter of the first story I ever wrote back in 2007, so what better day to start a new story. The title doesn’t particularly have anything to do with the story I just needed something, am horrible at coming up with titles and I really liked that rallying cry, I thought it really suited Bee.

Any suggestions of ideas for pranks and trouble for Bee to cause while under the effects of the quills are welcome.

Ann’s research into the Orr family and information from the diaries had confirmed not only that it had been a descendant of the Dragon Orrs who’s DNA had been used for the ants, but also that other dragon families had settled in the area. John Orr’s father had been a full blood dragon, there was nothing in the diaries about his mother’s family, but since John had to have been at least half dragon it certainly explained why the ants who had his DNA could use the crystal.


A short time later a couple of men in suits had shown up at the house, luckily Elnora was there at the time.

“Can I help you gentlemen with something?” Elnora asked.

“I’m Mr. Hunt and this is Mr. Welch, we’re looking for Ann Harrison,” he told her.

“I’m afraid she’s gone for the rest of the week, I was just here checking on her pets,” Elnora told them, “Is there anything I can help you with or a message you’d like me to pass on?”

“How well do you know her?” Hunt asked.

“She’s practically my granddaughter,” Elnora replied.

“Do you know why she moved, left that nice place on the edge of town for an overgrown fixer upper like this?” Hunt asked.

“She loves history, so an older place was just what she’s always wanted and she’s very much a country girl, couldn’t stand the constant noise and people around in that neighborhood. She was only there because it was closer to her college and more affordable. Anyone who knew her would tell you it’s no surprise she left as soon as she could afford to,” Elnora explained then added, “She doesn’t like to talk about that place though, not sure why though. All I know is she found out an exterminator had been at her old place and she totally fell apart crying. She has a soft spot for anything living, but to fall apart like that over some bugs being killed. Then again I think she thought of the ants as pets and would leave food out for them, still makes no sense to me, getting that upset,”

“Thank you very much for your help, I think that’s all we needed to know,” Hunt told her before they left.

“That was brilliant, hopefully that’ll keep them from bothering us again,” Ann said as she stepped out of the room she had been hiding in.

“That’s exactly what I was hoping, unless they’re terribly determined to get those papers back, then we might still have a problem, but at least they won’t be looking for the colony anymore,” Elnora said.

After that they saw no signs that there had been any further investigation and Ann’s recurring nightmares about them taking her and the babies had slowly stopped. Unfortunately they had been replaced by nightmares of the babies being born horribly deformed or not surviving after being born.  


By Christmas Eve Ann was a little over eight months pregnant, very round and ready  to punch the next person who suggested she rest while they take over whatever she had been working on. She knew it was a high risk pregnancy, but everyone treating her like she was made of glass still got annoying. Luckily Zoc had needed to get something from the nest and she had the house to herself. As soon as she was sure Zoc was gone she headed to the kitchen, with no one around to notice her grimace from the Braxton Hicks she’d been experiencing recently or her ever worsening sore back, she’d finally have a chance to get some cookies baked without anyone suggesting she rest half way through while they finished them.

Ann had just put the second batch of cookies in the oven when Zoc walked in, “Isn’t it a little late for baking? I thought you made all the cookies a couple days ago when Doreen and Elnora were over,” he said walking up behind her and wrapping his arms around her.

“No, they thought I looked tired and insisted they finish up and let me rest before we got the last type made. I’m so sick of feeling as useless and fat as a beached whale,” Ann told him.

“You’re not useless and you’re not fat, you’re just carrying around two extra people and Mary said you‘re a little under weight for carrying twins. You should enjoy it while you can, because in about a month you’re going to have to share them and not keep them to yourself all the time,” Zoc said resting his hands on her belly, “Now, why don’t you take a break from this and get off your feet for a while?”

Ann glared at him for a moment until he smiled and said, “If you want to stay out here and not open a present tonight, that’s fine too.”

“Alright, fine, that’s one of the best excuses anyone has come up with for why I should take a break,” Ann said kissing him before heading to the living room.

Once she managed to get reasonably comfortable  on the couch Zoc handed her a small present, she already knew what it would be, just not what it would look like. She unwrapped it and pulled out a pyramid shaped ornament, on one side was a carving of them on their wedding day with the wedding crystal, the second side was their house, and the third side was a tree with a dragon in it. The pyramid hinged open and carved on the inside was an image of the two of them, each holding a small bundle.

Ann hugged Zoc, “It’s perfect. We’ve certainly had quite an amazing and busy year haven’t we?”

“Yes we have, and next year we’re probably going to be kept even busier,” he replied kissing her forehead and just holding her for a moment until the timer went off.

Ann tried to get up and Zoc said, “I can get those out for you.”

“Or I could do it myself,” Ann told him, then added, “but I’ll let you help me get up off the couch.”

Zoc stood up then helped Ann to her feet, kissing her briefly before she pulled away saying, “We’ll continue this just as soon as I get the cookies out of the oven.”

Ann had just set the cookies out on top of the stove when she felt what she thought was another Braxton Hick, until liquid started running down her legs.

Ann froze for a second, fighting back a wave of panic, before yelling for Zoc.

“What’s wrong?” Zoc asked as he rushed into the room.

“My water broke. It’s too early, not for another month, it’s too early,” Ann said, fighting back the panic.

“It’s going to be alright, just take a deep breath, don’t panic,” Zoc said, grabbing the phone off of the counter and dialing it with one hand while wrapping the other arm around Ann and guiding her upstairs where they had set up one of the spare rooms as a delivery room. As soon as Mary answered the phone, Zoc said, “Ann’s water just broke.”

“I’m on my way, just keep her as comfortable and calm as possible,” Mary told him.

“Mary is on her way,” Zoc told Ann.

“It’s too soon,” Ann said losing her fight against the tears, as memories of some of the nightmares she‘d had pushed to the front of her mind.

“Maybe it’s not, ants aren’t pregnant that long,” Zoc pointed out, although he sounded like he was trying to reassure himself as much as Ann.

“But ants lay eggs,” Ann replied.

“Even combined pregnancy and time developing in the egg isn’t nine months. They’ll be okay,” Zoc told her, hugging her until she gasped as she had a contraction. As soon as it had passed he said, “I’m going to go call Hope, I’ll be right back.”


Mary arrived about twenty minutes later, “You guys live too far from town. How far apart are the contractions?”

“About five minutes apart,” Hope replied, “This is taking forever.”

“Didn’t her water just break twenty minutes ago?” Mary asked as she started checking on Ann.

“Yes. Ants, you go into labor, have a handful of contractions and lay all your eggs within fifteen minutes or so, unless it’s an unusually large number,” Hope replied.

“Well she’s almost fully dilated, she’ll probably have them in the next ten minutes or so, by human standards this is going really fast,” Mary said.

“The faster it’s over the better,” Zoc said as Ann had another contraction and squeezed his hand hard enough to make him cringe.

“Ann how are you doing?” Mary asked.

“Scared to death, it’s too soon,” Ann replied.

“It’s just less than a month early, twins usually come a little early and from last weeks ultrasound it looked like their lungs are well developed, they should be fine,” Mary assured her.

As Mary had predicted within ten minutes Ann was ready to push and a moment later, “It’s a girl,” Mary said over the screaming baby as she cut the umbilical cord then passed her off to Hope who cleaned her off and wrapped her in a blanket.

A few more pushes later and Mary said, “It’s a-” she hesitated a moment then said, “It’s an ant.”

“It’s a boy,” Hope told them.

“Is he okay? Why isn’t he crying?” Ann asked then started to panic when Mary stepped over to the table to clean him off and she could see his skin was almost a pinkish white, “What’s wrong with him, he’s so pale.”

“He’s fine, he may not be crying, but he seems to be breathing fine,” Mary told her.

“And the paleness isn’t necessarily a bad thing, that’s the color the hatchlings are right after hatching, it just means the exoskeleton hasn’t hardened yet,” Zoc reassured her.  

A moment later Mary and Hope handed Ann and Zoc their babies, “They both look perfectly healthy,” Mary told them.

“Did you guys ever settle on names?” Hope asked.

“Walter Ray and Charlotta May,” Zoc replied, “After Ann’s great grandparents, Walter and Mabel May and Raymond and Charlotta.”

Walter looked almost like Zoc except that he had five fingers, a human looking nose and ears in addition to his antennas. Charlotta looked almost human with antennas where ears should have been, skin that had a slightly rusty tint to it and eyes that were somewhat larger than a normal human’s.

A moment later they heard the old grandfather clock in the living room strike midnight.

“Merry Christmas, my love,” Zoc said lightly kissing Ann’s forehead.

“Merry Christmas,” Ann replied, pulling him down for a longer kiss on the lips then leaning her head against his chest.
Everything is Possible Ch. 12

I seriously thought I wasn’t going to get this done in time to keep up my tradition of posting a new chapter on my writing anniversary. Writers block on this story, hyperactive plot bunnies on other stories and difficult college classes, but last night I told myself I wasn’t going to bed until I got a new chapter written. Well I didn’t sleep, got to watch the sun come up and finished this chapter just after 5am.

Since I got it done so late I’ve only had time to proof read it once, so forgive me if there are a ton of typos. Interesting fact, I finished proofreading at 6:26am on 6/26, looked at the clock on the computer screen and thought there was something wrong with it that it was showing the date twice.

Chapter 1: dragon-star-empress.deviantart…

Chapter 2: dragon-star-empress.deviantart…

Chapter 3: dragon-star-empress.deviantart…

Chapter 4: dragon-star-empress.deviantart…

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:

Chapter 7: dragon-star-empress.deviantart…

Chapter 8: dragon-star-empress.deviantart…

Chapter 9: dragon-star-empress.deviantart…

Chapter 10:…

Chapter 11: dragon-star-empress.deviantart…




United States
Current Residence: Ohio
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Skin of choice: Robotic, preferably Kagerou’s
Favourite cartoon character: Zoc, Megamind, TFA Prowl, Starscream, G1 Hot Rod, Raphael, VolFogg, Deckerd, Kagerou, Melan
Personal Quote: Ooh look more hot robots!


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